Ben and Lorin's GingerFeet

Greetings and thanks to everyone who's been cheering us on as we make our way to the final home stretch.

The new website's just about complete, training materials are being sewn up, and final tweaks on server and security are underway.

The service will roll out for our non-profit masses with Drupal 6 and CiviCRM 3.1 -- both the latest, stable versions of the applications.

Everyone asks us what GingerFeet means. The long, serious, answer has to do with spice, healing properties, roots, and walking the distance together as a collective. The short answer is, "We thought it was cool!" Conrad's young cousins in Switzerland, however, shared with us, in photo essay format, what they thought GingerFeet might mean. We know that GF is about concern for our planet, the desire to support those who are in the trenches doing good in the world, producing a usable, practical, applicable service, but we thought Ben and Lorin captured one very important aspect of what we're all about as well - have fun!

Enjoy! We know we sure did.

Ben and Lorin's GingerFeet Ben and Lorin's GingerFeet Ben and Lorin's GingerFeet