When people talk about CiviCRM they use words like "powerful," "robust," or "feature-rich." But what does that really mean?

At GingerFeet we think it means two things:

  1. CiviCRM can do, well, a lot of stuff.
  2. Because it can do a lot of stuff, there's, well, a lot to learn.

Get on the Bus! Let's face it. Learning can be the toughest part of whatever we do in life. We have so many things to do in a day, that learning something new - even if it's going to make our lives easier in the long-run - seems like something we just don't want to take on.

But never fear! GingerFeet to the rescue!

Yes, don't fret and don't worry! We want our subscribers to feel good about working on a daily basis with our service. So we're starting a series of blog articles called "The CiviCRM How Do I Series" (hot name, no?) where each week we'll offer up another tidbit about working with CiviCRM. Sometimes we'll make it short. Sometimes we'll make it long. Sometimes we'll include video. Sometimes we'll just talk about what other non-profits are doing and how they tackle situations or find work-arounds. We'll follow along with much of how the CiviCRM Getting Started User Guide is setup so that there's some semblance of order to the universe. And don't forget, as a blog, you'll be able to add comments to any entry making this as much a dialog as a guide. (Note: In order to keep the demons of spam at bay, you'll have to be registered with gingerfeet.com to add your comments.)

Our goal is to make it light, easy and informative. Think of it as a cross between an FAQ, a user guide, and a conversation with your office mate, Wally. Perhaps I should don an alias for this endeavor. Take up the mantle of Wally him or herself! We could change the name to "Wally Gives Up the Goods."

Whatever we call it, be looking next week for the first installment. A real page turner: How Do I Configure a Payment Processor. Whoohoo! Watch out! Your boss is gonna bring the hammer down on you for how many times you'll read this one!!

'Till next week...
~ Wally